A Few Thoughts on Choosing a POS Specialist.

When choosing a POS Specialist it’s important that you take the time to research various companies in the field. There are many POS organizations, however not all can be considered equal and should be chosen with the same due diligence you would do before hiring a doctor or lawyer. Keep in mind many companies that say they are a POS business are actually Credit Card companies. Credit Card companies are in the credit business not the POS systems business, and could care less about your hardware and software applications.

POS Solutions located in Rockaway NJ, has been a premier provider of restaurant POS systems for over 35 years, suggest that you ask some of the following questions before choosing a prospective POS system provider.

  • How long have they been installing point of sale systems?
  • How many systems have they installed?
  • Can they provide references? (Make sure you take advantage and make a few calls)
  • How much training is included and do they personally do hands on training at your location?
  • Does the agreement come with a warranty?
  • How does the service agreement work and how much do I need to pay for someone to visit my location to correct an issue?
  • Are you primarily a POS company or a Leasing/Credit Card company?

Choosing a POS provider is a long term commitment, and should be taken very seriously. This is an investment not only in the product, but an investment in your business.