STEP-BY-STEP From POS Solutions

All paperwork is submitted to the Account Manager
Account Manager will assign a dedicated programmer who will be the key person in setting up the menus and items listed on your system.
Account Manager will send you (client) his information and will give you specific instructions as to what is required to start the programming, including menus, table layout, floor design, employee list, and any special menu items. You should also expect a phone call within 48 hours after paperwork is submitted

After all items are received from you, the programming process will take place; typically a 2-3 week timeframe is a good rule to follow after all items from the customer are received. At this time, the Account Manager will also order all the necessary equipment and software to be placed on the rack for set-up and design. After the initial programming is completed, we will schedule a time to go to your store to install a practice terminal and give you some basic understanding on how to navigate the software. This will enable you to start getting comfortable with its functionality. This is not the actual training, rather an overview that lets you play with the system for a week or two to make sure all the programming is done correctly.

Once you agree that the menu item set-up is correct, we will schedule an installation day to install all the necessary hardware. This will be done by our own staff of installers at POS Solutions. We do not hire outside providers, and all work is done by our POS Solutions employees. After equipment is installed, we will schedule a training day. This can be a “Train-the -Trainer” scenario, or you can have several sessions during the day. The goal is to provide you and your staff with enough comfort so the POS system can be managed with relative ease by the team. We have no time limit on training, and can also provide online training or in-house training at the Rockaway, NJ corporate facility.

A “GO LIVE” day will be scheduled and we will have an employee of POS Solutions at your store that day to shadow your employees and answer any questions that you may have. This provides a level of security knowing that if a mistake is made, someone is on hand to handle the situation. We strongly recommend going live on a slower period of the week.
Included in your service agreement are a 1 year parts, labor and technical phone support. Our technical team is available to you 7 days a week 9:00 A.M to 7:00 PM with Emergency Technical Support after hours at NO CHARGE.

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